Performance Data

Connect and visualize all your ad data in the jinto dashboard so you can measure and compare any metrics you need, in one simple interface.

Simple reports, big results


  • Benchmark your results against your industry with our data-driven performance insights

  • Have full transparency over your campaigns, budget, and conversions

  • Fine-tune your campaigns and make decisions based on numbers

No banner ads? No problem

Online advertising shouldn’t require you to have a team of designers to get online. jinto allows you to build your own banner ads directly in platform in no time. All you need is an image and you’ll be on your way to launching your first campaign.  

Track the actions that matter most to your business


More website visits

Bring more people to your website and have the data to show you which ads brought them there

Drive online purchases

Increase online sales and spending with ads related to your audiences search criteria

New leads

Get detailed information on your leads and where they came from, contact us forms or phone calls

Increase sales with jinto